Monday, April 25, 2011

10 cent shirt Revamp

Okay so I think I'm going to make this a weekly post. At my local thrift store they have a 10 cent t shirt bin. Awesome right.....right! So This shirt is one of my favorites now! Look how adorable it is, I'm totally diggen the pocket with a dove on it! I just cut off all the edges of the shirt and sewed it in to fit me tighter. I used the fabric I cut off to make some cute flowers. I just hand sewed them on and tada... You have an awesome shirt that was only ten cents, amazing! I think I like this idea so much because Its a fun project that doesn't take a long time and it only cost ten cents, who can beat that? So I know you are going to go find an old t shirt and totally revamp it up right know, and when you do send me a pic so I can get some ideas for next week :}