Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My nephews new room

A couple weeks ago I helped my sister decorate her boy's rooms. They have shared a room there whole lives and they finally get there own rooms! So exciting for them. We started out by painting the bunk beds. I forgot to get a before picture that didn't have the killz. We added two coats of killz then painted two coats of red. Then we got black glaze and went all over it.

This is what it looked like all dry and with the new bedding. I think this turned out so cool! I love it!
I got this huge frame at a yard sale for 25 cents. Yep you heard me 25 cents! So we spray painted it black then my sister painted the back ground grey. We aren't completely don't with this project but     you get the point. All the frames I got at yard sales or thrift stores for cheap!
Okay are you liking the circles above the bunk beds? Me too! Guess what it is..... frozen pizza circles. Yep Iv been collecting them for a long while! I just spray painted them and put sticky squares on the backs and put them up.
And for a new dresser, I found this little guy at a thrift store for 10 bucks. Its pretty cool right.
Well pretty much I did the same thing to the dresser as I did to the bunk beds. I loved how this all turned out! If you do more to this room I will post about it.

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