Wednesday, February 29, 2012

my first quilt

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I started this baby blanket last year while taking a quilting class. I only went about half the semester due to being pregnant and than miscarrying. So its been sitting here in pieces for a while,but I finally got the top done. I liked how it turned out. And guess what…..I made it out of vintage sheets! I have bought a lot of sheets from thrift stores that I just loved, so I can make some projects with them. That means this quilt cost me around 2 dollars. My teacher wasn’t thrilled that I picked sheets to make my blanket, but hey it was my first quilt, and if it had lasted this long I was sure it would last a little while longer :}

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  1. Oh my goodness I love it! And I love that you thrifted it (and that your teacher disapproved, lol!) We have some old pillowcases from a thrift store and we use them all the time! I think there's something nice and home-y about the broken-in fabric. I'm sure this will be a well loved blanket