Thursday, March 22, 2012


I'm pretty sure every web page should have a scroll up button like pinterest.

Curly Top is learning her how to write letters, but she doesn’t really know the sounds they make or the placement for words. So she always writes random letters and asks me, “what does it say mom?”  And then I kindly say, “Well you wrote it so how about you tell me what is say’s.” Then she gets mad at me and tells me, “Mom just read it, you know how to read everything!” So then I make up some word and hope that’s what she was trying to write. I'm usually wrong  and she just can’t understand why I can’t read what she is writing. Bless her heart.

My cat is pregnant. Due anytime within the next week or so.

I'm in the process of spring cleaning my kitchen.  Is there a reason I have 50 thousand knifes?

Why do I always want to do 20 projects at once?

Today I am reminded that I am so blessed, and reminded that there are people in need.

Curly Top is so cute.

The weather was nice today. I'm hoping tomorrow is the same maybe even a little warmer….

ne 010


  1. I want a kitten! (Max may not let us have one, but that doesn't stop me from wanting one!)

    Hyrum used to do that with his letters too, except he never had any idea what he was writing and really did want me to tell him what it said, lol! So I'd sound out the sounds and he'd laugh at the nonsense word he'd written.
    Good luck with spring cleaning! I need to do that with my closet...

  2. That's funny...."You can read everything!" Kids...keep you on your toes!