Thursday, March 29, 2012

Things To do In Holbrook

My husband is working in Holbrook for about 3 weeks so we have been staying over here in a hotel. So that gave me the bright idea to start writing about things to do in Arizona. Gas is so expensive!!!! So why not stay in your own state and do some cool stuff that is close by. Me and my husband have talked about this before. There is so much to do in Arizona and close to home. We need to take advantage of what we have here.
holbrook 007
First thing you can do is go to the rock shop and take pictures with all the awesome dinosaurs that are around. Curly top had lots of fun doing this. And then we got to check out all the cool rocks and petrified wood that was here.
holbrook 010
Second thing is go check out this Museum. Its free! Its actually really cool! I could do another post about all the cool stuff they have in there, but then you wouldn’t be surprised when you come visit. This Museum is the old court house and it is huge! It even has the old jail under the court house. Pretty creepy!
holbrook 018
Third thing is watch a train go by…. Kids love this! It might not seem that cool but hey Holbrook is a really small town and you have limited options, but honestly Curly top thought it was pretty awesome. Trains come through this town about every 10 – 20 min. so you don’t have to wait long for one to pass.
holbrook 040
Fourth thing is to go to the Petrified Forest. If you like to hike this is a perfect thing to do. It cost 10 bucks per car for a 7 day pass. So not too expensive. We had fun and it wore Curly top out! Lots of walking and being out side. Curly top called each stop an adventure!
holbrook 042
You might want to pack a lunch and water bottles. I hadn't gone to this since I was little, so I couldn’t remember how long it would take us to go through it all. We got there around 8:30 and around 11:30 we got to the end. We missed one stop so it could actually take you longer. And depending on how fast you go through each thing. But we were hungry when we got to the end and decided to eat lunch. So we ate at the restaurant there and it was really good, but expensive. It cost me and Curly top 18 bucks for lunch. So anyways if you have more than a couple people I would pack a lunch.
holbrook 062
They also have a program the kids can do so they can become a Junior Ranger! Curley top loved this! They get a packet of paper that has different things they have to do through out the trip and then at the end they get a certificate and a badge and a patch. Pretty fun stuff right!
holbrook 063
So although Holbrook isn't the ideal Vacations spot there is stuff to do. If you would like to blog about cool stuff to do in Arizona e-mail me! I think it would be fun to see what everyone else is doing around here!


  1. Great-grandma is collecting rocks from ant piles...what's on your schedule for today or tomorrow...take a baggie. I love this post!

  2. What a great idea! My husband and I have talked about all the fun things to do here in AZ, and how we really don't need to travel far to still have a fun vacation. Thanks for sharing about Holbrook!

  3. Ok so I love this post! Its funny because Kyle works in gallup most of the week and me and the kids go over and stay with him quite a bit though me and the kids just go shopping at the mall lol I would love to go around and see more fun different things in az even though its gallup nm its right there on the boarder of az lol and we are always going through holbrook... We always stop at that rock shop with all the dinosaurs the kids love it :) Glad you guys are doing good :)